Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Intentional Silence

The world is noisy.

Too noisy.

But, we are called to listen to the still, small voice to find the way home to the Father.

How can we do this amidst the noise? How can we live in the world, but not deceived into thinking its noise is the beginning and the end of our existence, and the comfort she provides is all we will ever know?

Image result for google images silence in prayerThis question is the lie that Satan wants us all to believe; he's trying to convince us that comfort is the ultimate end to our existence -- distracting comforts that are of the flesh and for the entertainment of the body. 

The problem is that comfort sought entirely as its own means to an end is pointless. It ends in unhappiness and emptiness. Because as Pope Emeritus Benedict said, "...you were not made for comrfort. You were made for greatness."

But, how does one become great if one is lost in the noise and comforts of the world?

You can't. It's that simple.

You have to make time for silence and prayer. Pope Francis recently reminded the faithful of the Church that silence at Mass can't just be staying quiet in your seat. It must be intentional prayer! Just being complacently quiet is not enough, your silence must have a purpose of responding in love to God's call.

Intentional silence demands that we make time to do just that -- be silent with the purpose of worshiping God, listneing for His voice.

Shut off the noise and let the intentional silence carry you. 

Will you make that time to be intentionally silent?

I recommend it.

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