Thursday, July 27, 2017

Journey to Surrender

I wrote this little poem seven years ago. I needed to read it again...

Wrap the world around my finger,
I can handle anything.
I can do the big, the small,
It's mine to conquer.
I can do it! Yes, I can.

Wrap the world around my mind,
I'm in charge of what I have.
The rudeness, the facades,
Nothing frazzles me at all.
I can take it! Sure, I can.

Wrap the world around my heart,
That heart of stone that seems unsteady.
Now, the weight is getting heavy,
The burden presses 'til it cracks.
I can't make it! I'm too weak.

Lift the world up off my shoulders,
Change my heart from stone to flesh.
Let me trust, let me surrender,
Show me Love's humility!
You will help me! Now, I see.

(c) 2010 Kathy Vestermark

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