Saturday, November 19, 2016

Oh, the egalitarian HYPOCRISY!

I stayed away from this space during the election and the aftermath -- which was seemingly toxic fallout to some. Peaceful transition of power say others -- streets filled with riots, protesters and offensive slogans and symbols.

"Not My President," they shout.


Of course this is your president, and your country and your system "of the people, by the people and for the people". Remember Abraham Lincoln? All people. That means that sometimes the government will go in a direction you don't agree with...and you...go with it, until you use your powers of influence to stem the tide and turn it in a direction that suits your beliefs again. It's called a Constitutional Republic for a reason -- we operate under democratic principles with a governing document that guides the federal portion of our government and allows for states to have individual governing powers which then inform and assist the federal government in overall governance. It was never intended that the federal government would intrude this extensively into the lives of its citizenry (ah...another word currently up for redefinition).

During the George Bush the elder years -- I was not a fan. I broke no windows, stormed no streets in radical protest. During the Clinton years -- the same; The Bush minor years -- similar sentiment but for his response to 9/11 which I thought was astounding and conjured patriotism from its dusty bin in a forgotten hovel); the Obama years -- possibly eight of the most difficult political years to endure, even as a decidedly less enthusiastic Republican (not sure I even identify there any longer.)

No wailing and grinding of teeth, no violent childish outbursts. Respect for the office, prayer and hard work to bring back rational thought and debate about the state of our nation, policy and process.

So why does a designer of Michelle Obama's clothing have to make a preemptive denial of service to the soon to be First Lady? How is it suddenly noble to deny service to someone based on differences in values (read: hypocrites who destroy small business owners' livelihoods over wedding cakes and catering and flowers because they are considered bigots and less than noble in upholding their values.) Designer Sophie Theallet says: "Integrity is our only true currency." -- if you agree with me on what constitutes having integrity,  defined by Merriam Webster as: firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values Theallet misses the mark in her statement by about a continent. Can I buy one of your expensive dresses with my integrity currency? And let's face it, how unegalitarian -- equal rights for all, except for you and you and you because you don't believe what I believe and therefore your integrity is inconsequential.

And then there's the issue of VP elect, Mike Pence. He just wanted to enjoy an evening at the theater with his family -- an event open to the public, not a political venue. He gets schooled by the cast, booed by the audience. Told that he is feared because "their beliefs" will not be represented. What if we had tried to school a Democrat elect? Does courtesy, decorum, integrity mean anything? Have you not been taught? This is not how you deal civily with other people, especially people you want to listen to your concerns. You do not back someone into a corner and hold them captive at a public event and read your grievances to them, no matter how eloquent you deem them to be.

It smacks of bullying. But,wait...these are the egalitarian elite. Everyone's beliefs are to be respected...unless you don't believe what they believe. Hypocrites!

I hate no one -- why should I even have to put that disclaimer here?

I'll tell you why.

Because having a difference of opinion is automatically an indicator of hate these days. You hate me because you think that I'm a bad person because we disagree.

Not even remotely accurate. I don't necessarily like what you are doing; but YOU, you I care about. I want you to do what will ultimately make you happy instead of watch you wallow in what is obvious to everyone now, a puddle of hate hidden under a banner of mistaken compassion.

And so, here you have it. A little glance into the window of my take on the distasteful behaviors of a small group of community agitators and their hierarchy (to include the mainstream media).

To those who agitate and cause disruption in our society, I say this: This means of behaving not what was intended for you -- goodness and happiness is what you are meant for. Need to read more about it? Go here to my safe space. I'm also willing to listen, to love and to help. You don't have to live like you have been living, in anger and in contempt for others.

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