Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"Flavor"-ite Memories: Reasons to be grateful

It smells so delicious in my house. The combination of special holiday recipes -- pumpkin pies, apple pies, lasagna, stuffing -- intermingled are making my mouth water. Yes, my Italian\American home combines the traditions of Italian cuisine with the American standards for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The sauce for the lasagna, though -- Wow! It's just unbelievable how a certain aroma can conjure up a memory.  In my house many special memories are associate with a certain food or menu.

The aroma of that sauce cooking took me right back to my childhood when dad would make the sauce on Sunday mornings. We'd all go to Church while it simmered away. When we returned, he'd begin by putting up the water for the macaroni, but we were all starving after Mass -- no doughnut Sundays in the parish hall back then. So, dad would spoon out some sauce onto a piece of bread, put a bit of pepper on it and say, "How does it taste?"

I knew he wasn't in need of my opinion, but he didn't want me to think I could just get away with spoiling my appetite before the meal; it was his sly way of giving me a snack before Sunday supper. It always made me smile.

This morning as I smelled the sauce simmering, I thought about those times with a grateful heart. I recalled a passage from one of my favorite books of Scripture: "Those who are cheerful and merry at table benefit from their food." (Sirach 30: 25) Then, I took a spoon and put some of that wonderful memory on a slice of bread with crushed pepper and was transported back to a "flavor"-ite memory of my youth.

Do you have a flavor memory that makes you smile and feel grateful? Share it here.

Happy Thanksgiving from my Italian/American kitchen to yours!

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