Tuesday, July 28, 2015

For BSA it's officially openly SSA -- How will the Church respond?

Image courtesy of businessinsider.com
A little over two years ago I wrote this about the Boy Scouts of America and their decision to allow young boys who professed to be same sex attracted (SSA) to enter their ranks openly. Yesterday it was announced that BSA has decided to allow openly homosexual leaders to join their ranks. 

Families take note (especially of the pictured Boy Scouts for Equality who marched in this parade fraught with debauchery and licentiousness), here is what your boys may be presented with as leaders.

I wonder how they will reconcile this with the "morally straight" declaration in the oath (accessed 7/28/2015 on the BSA website).

And, what will the Church decide to do about all their charters? I have a feeling I know what the Diocese of Arlington, VA will do based on our bishop's past comments.

Now, we pray and wait for the USCCB to respond. As of this morning, there is nothing on the USCCB site.

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