Friday, February 14, 2014

Blog your way to holiness

Blogs are places to share opinions -- one's own little Op/Ed space to expound on things important to the writer; to elucidate regarding issues the writer thinks might be of some interest to others.

It opens a gateway for others to share their opinions. And on occasion, they aren't kind, or sometimes, even rational. But, if you offer a comments section, be prepared.

Blogging require is a thick skin, personal integrity and the virtue of humility.

St. Bridget offered, "It is a virtue and a prize to listen patiently to and put up with insults for the sake of God."

It doesn't matter what you choose to write about: cars, religion, children's activities, crafts, politics, etc., someone, anyone, can find fault with it. And that person who passes judgment on the work, who criticizes the efforts, knows nothing of the toil or trial, the joy and jubilation that might have inspired the piece.

Those who critique simply do what the writer has done -- express their opinion. This is blogging -- and it can be sanctifying!

It is a virtue to accept with kindness even the harshest comments. Consider the comments, consider the person who wrote them (even if they don't have the courage to post their names along with their comment). Most importantly, pray for them, and for yourself as a writer.

Ask yourself, "What was it in the piece that could have caused a negative opinion?"

If nothing, then thank God for the ability to suffer for His sake! Take it on the chin for Christ Jesus, and grow in the virtue of humility.

St. Augustine wrote: "Humility is the foundation of all the other virtues hence, in the soul in which this virtue does not exist there cannot be any other virtue except in mere appearance."

That means, it is impossible to love without first being humble. The writer must be able to accept that others will not always agree or have an agreeable attitude in the comment box, yet love them anyway for the sake of the Kingdom.

So, in my humble opinion, when writing a blog:

1. Set down securely the foundation of humility. Let it be God's blog -- let His will govern what is written and what is shared.

2. NEVER READ THE COMMENTS! (only kidding)

You can BLOG your way to holiness -- start with humility.

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