Monday, November 18, 2013

A medicinal remedy with no known adverse side effects: The Rosary

At his Angelus audience yesterday (11/17/13), Pope Francis had boxes resembling medicine handed out to the thousands of people in the square by volunteers. Inside the box was a Rosary. He joked about being a spiritual pharmacist and offered the recitation of the Rosary as spiritual medicine for the heart.

As the Year of Faith comes to an end, Pope Francis is reaching out to those who can bring the message of the Good News and devotion to Our Lady to those who need to hear it most. While some may call this move gimmicky, possibly even in poor taste, what the Sovereign Pontiff realizes is this: in this material age, the younger generations tend to respond to fads, gimmicks, etc. Ask any toddler what a golden, double arch symbol means, and they can tell you: McDonald's. The same can be said for adolescents and young adults when it comes to symbol recognition. They know and appreciate consumer brands, and are even being encouraged through the mass media to recognize over-the-counter and prescription medicines by brand and purpose.

Score one for Francis -- the boots on the ground, meet them where they're at pope -- who understands how to make the New Evangelization ring true in every heart by sharing the Gospel message with a generation in their language and in the present moment.


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