Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Royal Babies: baby steps

Seriously, yesterday I saw more Catholic statuses, tweets, blog posts, etc. regarding the disproportionate attention given to the birth of a royal in England while Our Lord is summarily forgotten or rejected.

Stop. Think.

In a world where pregnancy is viewed as a disease, the child is considered a parasite, and abortion is available on demand almost anywhere to include floating clinics off the shores of countries where the procedure is illegal, isn't it ironic that we are rejoicing over the birth of a baby?

Shouldn't we be using this moment as an opportunity to teach Christ, not ridicule people's enthusiasm over a royal baby?

Wouldn't the pro-life cause be better served if we joined in the enthusiasm
and reminded everyone by our actions and our prayers that babies are indeed special. In other words, would all of us be wise to approach the issue of faith in this matter with baby steps toward understanding and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to each individual soul through us?

I did see one quote that I loved and shared from Catholic Vote yesterday: "All babies are royal in the eyes of God. -- D. Bolling"

That is all.

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