Saturday, July 20, 2013

On the move -- literally

I've had to take a few weeks to get down to business -- the business of life, and how to best maximize the potential for faith, hope and charity to grow in the family. Of course, that starts with prayer, but there were practical matters to consider, as well.

For some time now, we have prayed about and pondered ways to minimize the stress in our lives. With that in mind, I thought, why not take seriously the effort to consolidate education, activities and home life? We would talk about it, but never get to the "doing of it" stage.

Well, we are finally DOING it -- making a move to bring the people, places and things around which our lives revolve closer to home.

I'll be packing and cleaning and preparing to move over the next month.

So much for preparing the kids planners with their assignments before the school year begins for us. That's fine, though. I can go a couple of weeks at a time.

And, I do love my job at CDU -- very flexible, almost entirely from home, and colleagues who will help at the drop of a hat if I need some backup.

I'll write more when I get a chance about the blessings of the Novena to St. Joseph, but until then, I will just link to it for anyone who is preparing to buy or sell their home. It is a powerful prayer to a wonderful and generous protector and provider for the family.

Please hold me and my family in your prayers as we joyful entertain so many wonderful changes that are happening in our world. You are all remembered in ours!

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