Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Catholic Church is a Big Hoax?

It's been a while since I've posted; it's been busy. But, that's no excuse for why I haven't kept up with this blog -- it was meant to bring the realities of faith and life together, and life got the better of me for a bit. It's time to come back, to share again and make it a priority. My goal is to post once a week, and if time permits, possibly other short posts to share my love of Christ Jesus and my love of life with you. Well, I want to come back strong, so let's start with this:

Some claim that the Catholic Church is a BIG HOAX.

That notion is absurd. (Disclaimer: Yes, I am unabashedly Catholic. To my core, I hold fast to the truths that Jesus taught and ensured would be safeguarded in His Church.)

So, have I fallen for this big hoax? Am I just one more fool on the IV drip of Catholic Kool-aid and have no mind of my own left to "choose"? Have I thrown away my freedoms and become a subservient, puppet to be manipulated, pulled here and pushed there, never to truly live my life, but only to be controlled by a hierarchy of totalitarian men in fancy robes?

No, of course not. The Church is a source of true freedom, a place to find yourself, by finding God who made you. It is in her that man experiences the most intimate relationship -- Christ Jesus in the Eucharist. (Read John 48 - 56) If this Eucharist weren't real, if it was just a fairytale made up to keep men from controlling their own destiny, why do the Jews argue over what they had heard? Truly consider that as you read. If it were just symbolic, why did they confer about His words? Obviously, it wasn't metaphorical to them. Consequently, Jesus doesn't recant what He boldly asserts. Instead, He reiterates his statement in more vivid and graphic terms as if to make perfectly clear that what He is teaching is not a metaphor.

Early Church Fathers offer us a chance to see how the Church understood the Eucharist.

Justin Martyr:

For not as common bread nor common drink do we receive these; but since Jesus Christ our Savior was made incarnate by the word of God and had both flesh and blood for our salvation, so too, as we have been taught, the food which has been made into the Eucharist by the Eucharistic prayer set down by Him, AND BY THE CHANGE OF WHICH our blood and flesh is nourished, IS BOTH THE FLESH AND THE BLOOD OF THAT INCARNATED JESUS


He took from among creation that which is bread, and gave thanks, saying, "THIS IS MY BODY." The cup likewise, which is from among the creation to which we belong, HE CONFESSED TO BE HIS BLOOD.he
(To read more about what the Early Church Father's offered visit The Real Presence)

The Catholic Church a hoax? I've only begun to unravel the twisted interpretations outside the Church that confuse the mind and confound the soul.

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