Friday, May 24, 2013

American Heritage Girls dumps Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America issued a statement declaring their change in membership standards allowing openly homosexual youth of scouting age to join their ranks. That's right, I said "homosexual youth". Dear Lord -- young boys should be camping, hiking, fishing, playing baseball, jumping in mud puddles -- not declaring their sexual orientation. The BSA has nothing to do with the sexual orientation or discovery thereof.

 Recently, the American Heritage Girls entered into an agreement of mutual support with BSA. Yet, in a singular act of valor, they issued a statement of their own today:

Memorandum of Mutual Support - Dissolution Statement
It was with great disappointment that American Heritage Girls, Inc.Board of Trustees received the news of the change to the Boy Scouts of America’s membership standards. It was our sincerest hope the voice of the majority of those associated with the BSA would be heard and that the BSA would continue the amazing 103 year legacy of its founder to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices.
Unfortunately, the organization chose to step away from that commitment. As a result of leaving its time-honored traditions, the BSA has left American Heritage Girls with no choice but to dissolve our Memorandum of Mutual Support. We do so with a heavy heart. We have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with BSA through the years. However, the American Heritage Girls Board of Trustees has decided that we cannot in good conscience continue in a formal relationship with the BSA. 
As an independent, faith-based leadership and character development organization, we want everyone associated with the American Heritage Girls to know that our board members unanimously affirm the AHG Statement of Faith and its Scriptural foundation,and we are committed to continue providing a safe environment for every girl involved.

I am proud to have served in the leadership of this group and that my girls have been members for the past two years! Perhaps there will soon be an American Heritage Boys that will represent Christian values, have the wisdom to let children be children and leave the issue of sexuality to be addressed by their parents -- the primary educators of their children. ( cf. CCC 2223)


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