Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Election Musings

I had a massive migraine yesterday -- not necessarily because of the election, but that certainly contributed to it.

The result of both the headache and the election have left me pretty sad all day.

I have had friends who are positively giddy with the outcome of the election, some who are somber and others who have taken the ridiculous attitude that all is well, God will work it all out.

The last attitude is the most difficult for me to stomach. God didn't make us to sit down and wait for him to operate. He animated us with His Spirit to act! He won't work it all out, we have to trust that He is in charge of how we are motivated to act, and then go get it done.

We didn't get it done this time out, but it's not time to stop attempting to achieve the proper end. God doesn't want us to be aborting innocent babies, marrying within the same sex, freezing embryos indefinitely, making arbitrary decisions about who deserves to receive medical care and who doesn't.

It's time to redouble our efforts. There's Benghazi that needs our attention; there's the HHS mandate that requires our protests; there's the Affordable Care Act that will bankrupt this country and must be repealed before it ever has the chance to be fully enacted (thanks for the help with that Justice Roberts).

We can't stop because an uninformed population voted for handouts. The education starts at the grassroots level. And it requires many voices, many hands, many hearts to be effective.

Make a pledge today to reject the decline of our nation, to find a way to stop the degradation of human dignity and freedom that has seemingly triumphed. Say NO to all of what is about to be imposed on individuals and on the Church.

Remember, now that Mr. Obama is back in office, he'll have that flexibility he promised Mr. Putin. And, Mr. Chavez will be thrilled to accept an invitation to the White House to discuss how to drive gasoline prices through the ceiling.You will also get to see the national debt skyrocket even further, and watch the value of your hard earned dollar decline -- oh, the upside -- you can get your birth control for free, because people like me who oppose it will have to pay for it anyway.

Well, I will be praying without ceasing for a miracle. The one I asked for last night was denied. But, I have faith that if I continue to pray and inform my conscience, the Lord has great things in store for me and for all of us. Pray, hope and act responsibly to change what has just happened in our country. If we wait four more years, July 4th will be absolutely meaningless.

Our Lady of Hope, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us & protect us.

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