Monday, August 6, 2012

Planes, Trains and Minivans -- a vacation story

Wouldn't it have been easier to fly to Canada, rent a car to tour the country, and then fly home?

Nah, never. It's a grand adventure to pile 8 of us in a Toyota Sienna, and drive.

Tonight we are staying in Bradford, PA in a brand new Holiday Inn Express. Lovely hotel built adjacent to a supply yard and railroad tracks!

9pm: Engine comes down the tracks and links to several cars -- took about 20 min. Great fun for all the guests who were undoubtedly staring out the window. I come to this conclusion for two reasons: my children were all plastered to the window as the linking occurred; the Engineer turned on the light and waved to everyone.

Perhaps we will be spared any further locomotion commotion until tomorrow -- because that is when we are checking out!

Saying an Act of Contrition for my bad attitude -- really, everyone else thought it was a great show!

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