Friday, August 24, 2012

A belated thank you to our children

The kids did a wonderful thing that I have yet to acknowledge in this space, and I am ashamed to have taken so long to do so.

The weekend of the "derecho" that hit the east coast and left many of us in Northern VA without power for days, my children had made extensive plans to hold a surprise 25th Anniversary party for us. Lyle and I were married 25 years in June.

Well, because of the terrible storm, the disaster it left in its wake with trees down and power outages, the kids couldn't keep the party a secret. They had to know if they could still pull off the party on Sunday when it looked as if all day Saturday would be spent taking down trees and breaking down branches along with general yard clean up -- and there was still the unknown issue of power. If the kids did have to cancel the party, they couldn't access the Internet to update the Evite they had sent out. And you know that the only list of who was invited was on the Evite.

Nonetheless, we said, "So what if there's no power! You worked hard, we have beer and pretzels, let's have a party!"

We made sure --even though we were ready to fall on our faces after hours of work in the yard -- that the house was presentable. At about 7p or so, after we had finally decided to collapse, voila! the lights came on. Now, we were set to have an event!

The kids didn't tell anyone that we knew. So, we went ahead with their plan to send us the Latin Mass @ 11am at our parish. Their gift to us was Mass on our own! Gotta love that gift!! They, then, went about the business of getting all the food ready and hiding the guests as they arrived.

When we got home after Mass and walked in to a house filled with family and friends, we were overjoyed -- and initially acted surprised, but eventually fessed up to knowing because of the storm. They even managed, with the help of our lovely and dear friend Meghan, who watched the kids while we were away on our anniversary trip while our oldest was working, and who was also green around the gills pregnant with twins (a fact that no one was privy to at the time), helped the kids to get everything they needed to include a bride and groom for the top of the cake! Several friends lent a hand to make all the details work, and I need to acknowledge them, too.

So, to our dear and wonderful children, who on a daily basis bring us joy, make us proud and occasionally add to our gray hairs -- THANK YOU SO MUCH for loving us enough to give us such an amazing gift and memory on our silver wedding anniversary! You are our treasures, and we love you always.

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