Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer thoughts

It's been a while since I've written anything personal on this blog. Summer seems to tap every last moment of my time -- in a good way. But, Eddie has me up extra early this morning, so I thought I'd write a bit about what's been going on in my world.

There's so much activity in general around here during the summer, typically in unison with happy voices. This summer has been no different (with the small exception of a few unexpected stresses -- nothing too serious).

Here's what we've been up to:

There was Eddie's camp in Clifton -- which he just LOVES.

Grace and Lainie's band camp -- I know have a more sophisticated clarinet player and a brand new trumpeter in my home.

 Annie's basketball camps -- besides dancing, b-ball is her great joy!

Annie, Grace and Lainie are currently camping at a Boy Scout reservation in VA for a week. I can't believe how quiet the house is without them here. Sniff... But, I'm certain, although there is no cell phone signal where they are, that they are having the best time. I'll be going down to visit them Wednesday this week.

Meggie was on a quest -- what was going to be a camp experience for her in theater arts this summer turned into a money saving/raising effort to get her expenses paid for a trip to sing in Italy with the Church choir -- what an amazing experience that is going to be!

And in the mix, Christian, Lyle and I all went to work -- well, I work at home, so going for me is really staying put. All the going I do is to get the others where they need to be.

As in all things, it is Christ who sustains our efforts here with His grace. I am so grateful for His love, and sorrowful in that the way the summer schedule worked out did not include the ability to attend daily Mass. I see being sorrowful over this as a blessing in and of itself as most don't give the loss of daily Communion a passing thought. When the time is right, He will restore that gift to me, and I will, until t hat time, thank Him for the ability to make that sacrifice. Spiritual Communion is a lovely thing, too.

Now it's time for us to all gear up to go somewhere together. The summer will wind down with a grand adventure to Canada and New England. We can all use to pull up stakes a bit and stretch our legs in another country, not to mention our minds. I hope to have time to write about it on the trip and/or when we return.

God bless you.

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