Monday, June 18, 2012

Book Review -- Exposed, by Shannon Deitz

When I first read the offer to review this book, I knew I had to accept.

When I opened the pages and found myself connecting with her childhood, her teen years and her life in general, I was shocked.

Exposed is about one woman's story -- her journey to redemption. But, what I realized in the pages of this book, and now can appreciate much more fully, is that her story is the story of what is now the third generation of women who are the victims of a society gone wild -- yes, just like the videos.

In the 1960's when women threw off their femininity for "equality", they hoped to be freed from the shackles of what they were told was oppression: their fertility was a ball and chain; they had brains that were being laid to waste raising and loving a family. What they really needed to do was give themselves away with abandon, body and soul. And, so they did.

What resulted was a nation of women, starting with the daughters of the seemingly oppressed, up to the present day, who are now ruled almost exclusively by their fertility. Where once they were free to love, have children, pursue happiness in a vocation as wife and mother (often times working mother), they now find themselves medicating, inserting foreign objects in their bodies, receiving injections or procuring emergency contraception or abortions. Their freedom to seek happiness was usurped by the lie that pleasure was the more important than self respect and personal dignity.

Shannon was a product of this lie sold to women. She describes in her story a family lost in the sadness of drug abuse and how it affected the way she operated in the world. She was in search of love, a love that as a child she knew in God, but as a teen, hardened by environment and experience, she rejected out of despair. She came to find that Satan is fueled by despair, and the road of sin leads further and further down the path to hell.

Reaching the depths of despair is often the turning point for many. Shannon was no different; she found herself rejected because of her negative attitude toward God, herself and life. She finally searched for help. Her shame was no longer stronger than her need to feel whole, secure and happy. She found meaning and purpose for her life in the Sacraments and in seeking justice.

 She writes, "The Devil had misled me by enticing me with sin, oppressing me with guilt, and poisoning me with anger. I had been duped by the Devil. With each choice I had created a new path, formed off the path of God's will...I had become a free will abuser!...I had wasted thirteen of my twenty-seven years trying to replace an irreplaceable God." Shannon learned to be whole again, learned to reach out and care again. This is a story of redemption, learning to love and be loved, and surrendering to the will of God after a multitude of serious trials. Her surrender has led to many beautiful and positive changes in her life.

I highly recommend this book. I read her story with a deep sense of understanding, no, empathy. I have traveled a similar path through hurt, pain and anger to reversion. I was astounded by many of the similarities. And, now as the mother of six who has surrendered to the will of God, and continues to on a daily basis, I am grateful for His constant love and promptings -- even when I was so far away from Him. He is a faithful God.

NOTE: This book is meant for a mature audience.

Shannon Deitz now runs Hopeful Hearts Ministry. Read more about her work in helping others heal on the road to  knowing and achieving their potential.

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