Thursday, May 10, 2012

Contraception also kills babies

Yesterday, a powerful conversation was described in a note by Caleb Jones on Facebook called, Don't Deliberately Kill Innocent People. It was his encounter with a sidewalk promoter for Planned Parenthood. I was impressed by the tone of his recounting; there was no arrogance or guile in his argument. Instead it was clear and simple, a casual conversation asking questions to gain clarification. Honestly, it was a nicely written piece with some very valuable insights on how to engage in evangelization and debate without anger.

I read through 90% of the piece impressed by this young man. He had all his ducks in a row about the abortion issue and Planned Parenthood; their devious and malicious intent to mislead women to kill their babies so that they might raise revenue. He was coming into the homestretch of his argument, ready to wrap things up into a neat and tidy package, when the string of his logic unraveled and the packaged spilled wide open onto the floor.

Caleb, after consistently impressing the point that abortion is killing babies, and setting the tone for the woman, who was willing to stand on the street corner to garner support for the practice of killing babies, to think about his questions, says this:
“Yeah, I don’t really mind the contraception. I’m a Protestant. So, whatever. It’s just the killing people that bothers me. Maybe if you did all that without killing people, too, I wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable about it.”
My jaw dropped.

I thought, "Is he kidding?"

After so eloquently taking this journey down the path that abortion is killing babies, he simply dismisses for the root cause of the problem. Let me explain.

Contraception does two clear things:

1. It creates a sense of sexual freedom supporting behaviors that cause pregnancy outside of situations where a child can be welcomed into a loving family. Contraception in marriage also denies the total self-giving that should be part of the promises that one spouse make to the other. No wonder our divorce rates are so high with people intending to partial self-giving in marriage.

2. Oral contraceptives -- which are the simplest means of interfering with the fertility cycle and completely dependent upon the woman putting her own health at risk -- creates a hostile environment in the uterus and no place for an embryo to implant.

Now, understand that fertilization of an egg occurs at conception which takes place in the fallopian tubes (great slideshow on WebMD, watch it) -- the cells begin dividing right then and there, and life has begun. The trip to the uterus takes about 4 days -- 4 days of development, 4 days of life -- only to find that Mama's womb, the safe haven for growth and further development, is not prepared to receive this life.

Then, what happens to the baby?  It is killed -- a point Caleb frequently makes to the sidewalk promoter -- as a result of these circumstances.

Contraception provides yet another means of chemical abortion -- it kills babies. It also increases, by more than 4x, a woman's risk of highly aggressive breast cancer.

"Whatever", Caleb?


 You were doing such a great job, but you let your logic slide when you got to the part that made you feel uncomfortable, that challenged your sexual freedom. A point that, whether you are ready to acknowledge it or not in your "Protestantism", kills babies.

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