Monday, March 19, 2012

Reaffirming Baptism -- the Sacrament of Confirmation

My daughter, Meg, received Confirmation Saturday afternoon. It has been a little more than 14 yrs. since her Baptism. I like to think about how that in relation to our connection with the ancient Church. People who converted to the faith were brought through years of catechesis before they were able to come into full communion. There was a time of intense preparation, after which they were received into the Sacraments.

Meg got to come forward with her sponsor, Meg (I just love that they have the same name), and be anointed and renamed Catherine of Siena. She received the Holy Spirit, all the fruits and gifts and grace available, and took that step forward in faith. She reaffirmed her Baptismal promises for herself and complete the final Sacrament of Initiation. With the Holy Spirit, Meg can boldly walk forward into this world as a soldier for Christ.

God bless all the Confirmandi, especially those who are dear to us (and there were many!)

Meggie, Bishop Loverde & Meghan on the Feasts of St. Patrick 2012 -- Confirmation Day

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