Monday, January 9, 2012

Women and the Tebow Football Phenomena

Tim Tebow has certainly made an impression on people with his radical Christianity -- imagine, God has a prominent place in his life and he's not ashamed of it, even slightly! But, there's more to this Tebow story where women and football are concerned (nothing scandalous!) and Barbara Curtis @ Mommy Life wants to know what you think.

 She posted this on Facebook last night:
So, I want to write an article about how Tebow is getting women interested in the football. Would love to hear your thoughts, opinions. Either leave as comment or email me - be as detailed as you want to be. When did you become aware of him? How has your relationship with football changed?
Do you have something you'd like to share with Barbara about how Tebow has had an impact on the way you view football?
You can email Barbara (here) or join her on Facebook -- she has a link on her site.
UPATE: Here's Barbara's article at (7:26pm)

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