Saturday, January 21, 2012

Debates a media circus: that's about right

No one has more at stake in the political arena at the moment than the Republicans. With debates ad nauseum, and it being caucus/primary season, the media coverage is starting to resemble Nero's Circus. Who can we martyr next? And doesn't the media and its audience of liberals love it! This debate process is like their lion ready to feast on the next Christian!

Each candidate enters the ring with their own special vulnerability. Romney has his specter to overcome -- Romneycare and maybe a little too much Brylcreem; Gingrich has a moral noose around his neck with an ex-wife talking; Ron Paul -- well, they might as well get him a red clown nose and ahooga horn, that's what the media thinks of him; and Santorum -- he's a faithful family man in a culture that despises both faith and family, so why not take pot shots at his dead child and his child with disabilities?

Aren't you tired of it?

And free air time or not, I think the candidates ought to be pretty tired of it, as well.

I wonder if anyone will emerge victorious, at least anyone that Conservative Republicans can get behind without holding their noses.  I have a feeling that the one who caters most to Nero, peeling his grapes and getting his teeth whitened to appear as the greatest physical specimen, will end up winning the nomination.

I wish we had a better forum to assess a candidate's commonsense and logic without the employing the process of immolation just for yucks. I wish it meant more than what the media puts before us to assess.

Can we all ignore the media hyperbole and get to the matter at hand?

Who out of these men can beat Obama without compromising his principles? That's all we need to know.

The standard shouldn't be to ogle over dozens of debates to see who can withstand the media's fangs at the public circus!

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