Monday, December 19, 2011

School sanctioned incestuous behavior

Parenting 101 -- Pieta, Michelangelo
The story about a High School prank gone seriously wrong -- of course, not in the eyes of the parents, spectators or the administration -- has been discussed by some significant bloggers, but this is just too disturbing and important not  to share it here, as well.

What does it say about the current state of our culture when parents, teachers, students, administrators find nothing wrong with -- and even encourage -- a parent intimately kissing their child as part of a school function? That isn't just a prank, it's morally offensive and a deplorable lack of judgment. To see the video, and the way some of these parents engaged their children in this level of intimacy is shocking -- sickening! (I refuse to embed the video on my blog)

This is a serious offense of trust -- children, at all ages, should be able to rely on their parents to treat them with proper human dignity and respect. We all have a responsibility to behave in a way that is fully human, this is tending toward the higher Good for which our human nature was created. The scar of original sin and the determination of a culture to turn its collective back on God has brought about egregious manifestations of human action that can't be ignored. The darkness need no longer hide, it seems. And, that is a sorry situation for all of us to contend with, especially raising children in this culture.

Dr. Gerard Nadal does a wonderful job summarizing the facts of this story and their implications for our society. To read his assessment and view links of others who have written commentary, please visit:

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