Thursday, October 13, 2011

Writers Block -- the piece I just can't write

Well, this is it. I can't write this piece. There are just too many wonderful things happening in my life to focus on writing.

For instance, I have a full time job. I homeschool my kids. That means that for the bulk of the day, my priorities are to make sure that for 1st Quarter these things happen:

religion -- three different grade levels of religion, plus the added requirements of Confirmation for Meggie.

grammar -- the wonderful world of prepositional phrases, verb phrases, direct object and the object of the preposition, subject and predicate, etc.

math -- two lessons a day are taught at two different grade levels (Annie doing 8/7; Lainie and Grace doing 5/4).

science -- the atmosphere, air pressure, weather systems, patterns and instruments, the ocean's currents, the moon's gravitational pull and its effect on tides, water density, etc., and lets not forget experiments!

reading -- currently focusing on novels: plot, setting, protagonist, antagonist, climax, moral, etc., and writing a good book report.

spelling & vocabulary -- learning how to use a dictionary properly, understanding how grammar, vocabulary and spelling are intertwined.

history -- Colonial America: Stamp Act, 1st Continental Congress, Boston Tea Party, "Give me liberty, or give me death!", House of Burgesses, Parliament, King George III, Benjamin Franklin, 1774, 1776, Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, etc.

map skills -- learning how to read a legend, directions, grid lines, longitude, latitude, relief maps, etc.

There's also art and German, but thankfully, I don't teach those.

The full time job keeps me pretty busy, but hey, lots of people have a full time job and a family. So, I really have no excuse not to write. I should have some time for pleasure, right?
Well, then there's my part time job. I am the Student Life Coordinator at Catholic Distance University. That's several hours a week online. I write the announcements for the students, field questions, check in on my partner who manages the online campus, and handle the correspondence. I attend a monthly meeting, brainstorm new ideas and innovations for the online campus and basically work really hard at keeping a smile on each and every virtual face.

But, there's more -- my other part time job. I am working on course revisions for two courses that I will eventually teach at CDU. They are on the Catechism of the Catholic Church one of my most beloved reference books -- can't live without it! That takes about 4-5 hours/week depending upon the lesson content that needs to be revised.

And still more! I am gearing up to become the Administrator of the Associates Degree Program at CDU; this is a position answering to the undergraduate dean, but with full oversight of a degree option at CDU. I'm excited about this. Not only will I teach but, I'll be making sure that Associates Degree students are on track, courses are satisfactory and moving forward as smoothly as melting butter in a frying pan. It will be great to get the word out about this wonderful opportunity that will be new to CDU in January 2012.

And just one or two more little things...Bible study, CDU gala committee, extracurriculars for the kids, and soon to be early rise for swim team carpool.

Did I mention that I was married to a wonderful man?

Funny, I just can't think of a thing to write about because I'm so busy, my brain is whirling. Maybe if my life was just a little more interesting, I'd have something to talk about. But, right now...nope, there's nothing.

God bless!


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