Thursday, September 22, 2011

This is real life

Things have really ramped up around here. I have been working on achieving the perfect balance between home, homeschool, work and spiritual life. Just when I think I've got it, I don't have it at all!

But, that's just fine. I'm not working this issue on my own. The plan is in God's hands and I am committed to following it the way He wishes it to play out in our lives.
In his mind a man plans his course, but the LORD directs his steps. (Prov 16:9)
If you are like me, a typical type-A, this is a real life saver. I'm not in ultimate control, and I don't have to bear the weight of that cross. Thank you, Jesus!

I am finding that I have to limit my time for writing. I apologize that this blog isn't updated as frequently as it used to be. Writing is now something I am teaching and doing in my work at CDU. This blog has become my luxury instead of my focus, as it has been for almost two years.

I am going to try to post judiciously, keeping in mind what I frequently hear myself tell my children: "When your work is done, then you can take time for leisure -- both of those activities begin with prayer and thanksgiving!

Please keep me and Faith on the High Wire in your prayers!

Here's a way you can help me -- you can suggest the topic:

If you have any ideas topics for this blog, please leave them in the comment area. I would love to write about things that you are interested in learning/hearing about.

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