Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quiet, respectful, behind the scenes?

In an official statement yesterday, Fr. Pavone said:
Priests for Life has not taken the approach of public battles with, or criticism of, the hierarchy. When there are problems or disagreements or miscommunications that involve the Church leadership, Priests for Life addresses them quietly, respectfully, and behind the scenes.
Perhaps, Fr. P doesn't do his own tweeting or write and authorize his press releases, but this battle started out in the open. He was there for it; he perpetuated it. And, when he had the opportunity to quietly, respectfully, settle it behind the scenes, he tweeted, press released and keep it out in the open.

Mark Shea writes:
The poor guy is destroying everything he worked for. It’s a frightening illustration of that whole wood, hay, and stubble thing from St. Paul, about how our works will be tested. I wonder if I could pass such a test? Keep praying. 
1 Cor 3:12 is the Scripture reference (click to read).

Mark is shaking his head. Well, I have to agree, it boggles the mind. Granted, it's a tough test. But, it's how we handle that test, and all the others that come our way, that will show where our convictions lie. Is this about a man's reputation, a cause, a moral principle? Or, is this first and foremost about vows and obedience -- about the vocation of the priesthood?

Most certainly, keep praying -- for all our priests, clergy and religious.

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