Monday, September 5, 2011

Pushing through

It's Labor Day. The day that summer officially ends --  the pools close, the kids are all about to head back to school, the days are just a little shorter.

Today found me rising with a migraine -- but, I couldn't have a migraine. This was my day to get things done. In my house this was "laboring day" -- and labor we did.

The basement got a good cleaning and reorganizing.

Tubs of clothes made their way from bedrooms to basement storage.

Bedrooms were restored to sleeping areas instead of dumping grounds.

And all the while, I was eager to either wretch or crawl under the covers and disappear.

I did neither.

Sometimes, even though things hurt, it's important to push through -- to show those you love that there are times when you can't just give in. In this life, each of us will experience times when it is necessary to draw upon a strength other than one's own -- a supernatural strength -- or just give up.  It's a choice. And, choosing to tough things out is a sign of resilience and trust.

Today, I could probably have chosen to put things off, give myself a rest. But, there was a message I wanted the kids to note: Mom loves you so much, cares about who you are and how you live, that even though she's not feeling well, she'll make sure you are taken care of. She won't give up on you!

And, what they also got to see was my husband say, "Why don't you go lie down for a while."

My response, "There's so much to do, and I don't want to leave it all to you. I want to be with the family."

He picked up the pace; the kids picked up the pace. And, before I knew it, there was actually time for me to rest, to take that break. Admittedly, my head was still pounding a bit, but I had some fun with my college student selling books back to Amazon.

While I was cleaning in the basement, I was going through some of the many book shelves and assessing which books I really needed to hang on to and which I would donate. My son suggested we check the ISBN numbers on Amazon. Smart man! I now have a little Amazon gift card to use toward Christmas! Even with the headache, I managed to WOOT, just a little.

There's a joy that comes with offering things up, with pushing through. The joy was seeing a family work together so that they could lighten my load. They did indeed make my yoke easy and my burden light. They got to be Christ to me, because I very much wanted to be Mary to them.

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