Thursday, September 1, 2011

Self-abortion mom: fetal pain law unconstitutional

There are probably a remote few people who read this blog that could ever track with a decision made by an Idaho woman to self-terminate her pregnancy after 20 wks. Her reason: because she couldn't afford to have another child and raise the three she already had. The vast majority of readers will cringe at the idea of any type of abortion at any gestational age, let alone a self-inflicted abortion when the baby is nearly old enough to survive with some assistance outside the womb. Yet, Jennie Linn McCormack did just that; she, with the assistance of her sister, acquire pills over the Internet that would spontaneously abort her child. Then, she placed the child in a box and hid it at her home. (read the whole story here)

Stop! Enough! Right?

Why would would someone do such a thing?

It's absolutely sinister!

But, it's morally equivocal in this society. And here's why.

Sin isn't in the vocabulary any longer -- what makes "me" happy is. The pleasure seeking, self-gratification, morally flat lined members of the society control the ubiquitous media that influences and diminishes the conscience of the populous in this nation. "Do what you want, without consequence," is the mantra of a culture lost in its own self-absorption.

McCormack was able to get pills over the Internet to kill her baby. Although she couldn't afford an abortion; had three other children, no husband, but a sperm donor of sorts; a tiny monthly income; she somehow scraped up enough money to buy abortion drugs on the web. (There are sites that tell you exactly how to proceed.) I wonder if shipping was free?  She no longer had to worry about the cost of an abortion. She didn't need to worry about the Idaho law that restricts abortions beyond 20 weeks because of the possibility of fetal pain.

She just did it!

On her own!

And with apparently the same respect she has for herself and the dignity of her body, she placed her unwanted, murdered baby in a box and hid it away.

But, what does it suggest that she kept the body of the child in a box at her home?

Several things come immediately to mind: the mom is psychologically unstable; society's general lack of respect for the human person; keeping your aborted child in a box has become acceptable. The most hopeful prospect of this gruesome discovery is perhaps that mom has a conscience, and her guilt wouldn't let her part with what she had just done.

We all have a conscience. It is what we do about our conscience that impacts how we act; what we say; what we believe; and ultimately, who we are in the world. If we have developed our conscience to do good and avoid evil, then we will abhor even the mention of abortion. But, if we have allowed our conscience to become like Swiss Cheese, full of gaps and underdeveloped, the expectation should be that just about anything will become acceptable to quell the anguish that results from killing your own child.

For instance, McCormack, who was arrested and charged with a felony after the child was found in the box in her home, has decided to sue the State of Idaho. Why? Because she, and her attorneys, believe that the fetal pain law is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Take a deep breath and count to 10 backwards. (That's what I had to do.)

The lawyers for McCormack offered this as a rationale for the self-induced abortion:
McCormack was unmarried and unemployed at the time of her pregnancy – with an income of $200 to $250 a month – and already had three children. She couldn't afford the time or money it would take to travel to Salt Lake City to get an abortion, the lawsuit says.
McCormack would like the world to see her as a victim; burdened by laws that rob her of the personal freedom to do as she pleases, to be irresponsible, remain unemployed and kill her own child. Unfortunately, that's exactly how she should be perceived.She is a victim,but not of whom she believes is the enemy.

A culture that denies natural law and the biological truth that a man and a woman come together and conceive a child, is a culture that is in grave danger of extinction. This is not a new revelation. The pro-life movement has been preaching this reality for decades, and for decades we have been watching millions of human beings murdered by abortionists. What is disturbing, however, is that, although pro-lifers are preaching, the public sector has more power and more control than any activist group. Any publicly funded institution, especially one with a bent toward education, is going to promote relativistic, modern social values, exclusionary of any notion of religion, objective truth or morality -- an hollow value system. And, this leaves the victim in ignorance, with no moral compass whatsoever.

Aquinas says this about a choice made outside a properly formed conscience:

In speaking "of ignorance of choice," we do not mean that choice is a sort of knowledge, but that there is ignorance of what ought to be chosen. ST 2-1.13.1
This is what the what culture has become: a whirlwind of ignorant choices propagated and perpetuated by those who wish to keep others ignorant. Somehow it soothes the guilt of poor choices made by many in the past. There is a conspiracy a foot to collectively annihilate the consciences of as much of the population as possible. It borders on psychedelically self-destructive, because with this notion of "ignorance is bliss" come the pseudo-euphoria of momentary pleasure.

In McCormack's case, she needed an outlet for the pain. It wasn't enough to keep her secret hidden in a box -- stashed away for only her hopelessness to gaze upon. No, once her secret was discovered, once her guilt was laid bare for the world to peruse, her pride overcame her, almost instinctively protective. The only remaining thing to do was to defend her irrational choice to kill her baby and keep it in a box, by declaring that the law designed to protect and defend a helpless human person, is irrational and unconstitutional. It's an act of desperation to save face; its an plea for help -- and the only help she is receiving is from unscrupulous attorneys eager to make a hefty commission if she should win damages from the state.

Miss McCormack is a product of this social phenomena, this culture of death, which is the result of  ignorance and pride en masse. In the eyes of God, this may be her only eternal defense. She was taught to be a victim, remains ignorant and is consistently reinforced in both those areas.

HT: Mary Beth K. for sending me the article.

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