Monday, September 19, 2011

Homeschooling: God's creation as our classroom

We're into our 4th week. The first quarter is nearly half over already. It's amazing to think that we have just picked up and run with this homeschooling thing (as if we had always done it). The curriculum that we are using seems appropriate for all my learners; I can adjust it where I need to, as well.

There have only been a couple of bumps in the road -- sleeping in and staying up late are the worst of them. If that's all I have to worry about, not bad. The kids grumble over certain subjects, just like they would in school; maybe they'd be a bit more discreet at school. Truly, it's been more smiles than complaints, so I think we're doing just fine.

Today, since we've been studying weather systems, clouds, the atmosphere and weather tools, I turned a walk on this very gray day into a weather walk around our neighborhood pond . We talked about the clouds in the sky, the fact that the air felt a bit more heavy and moist, but how the temperature was not hot, rather a bit on the cooler side. That made the moist air less oppressive (e.g., summer humidity in VA). We talked about how the stratus clouds were giving way to more cumulonimbus, and that there must be a front moving in that is going to bring us some heavier rains.

We talked...we talked...we talked...

I didn't realize how much I loved talking to my kids about science, math, literature, history, etc. It was remarkable how pleasant it was to ask questions, get answers and even a few observations from the girls.

I do have to admit that teaching wasn't wasn't supposed to be the focus of this walk at all; it just turned out to be in the end.We were actually just planning to take a break and walk the dog. But, the wonderful thing was that I responded to a bit of inspiration and took advantage of the opportunity to enrich what we had studied by making use of the world around us. No one really noticed, or cared that I quizzed them on their science as we walked. God's creation was our classroom and everyone, even on bikes and scooters, had something to share.

To sum this all up, we are having a marvelous time together. The power struggles are few and far between and the smiles are more frequent than not. Maybe if we can get to bed on time and up early enough, we'll be less stressed to "get it all in" by the end of the day. But, today was a blessing. And now they are off to choir to learn their hymns and sing praise. Great way to end the school day!

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