Monday, September 12, 2011

Holy Name of Mary

In today's Gospel we hear about the centurion who's slave is very ill. The slave is important to the Roman officer, and upon hearing that Jesus was in the region, he sends Jewish elders to implore Him to come and heal the slave. But, there's a moment of discernment, a turning point on the part of the centurion -- he sends friends out to beg Jesus not to bother to come. The centurion has a second thought -- I AM NOT WORTHY -- but, he trusts and with hope, begs a favor -- ONLY SAY THE WORD, AND MY SLAVE SHALL BE HEALED. (Lk 7:1-10)

This is the Gospel on the Memorial of the Holy Name of Mary.


I pondered it during the homily. And as the priest expounded on the wonders of Mary's intercession and her protection, I realized that I am like the slave and Mary is the one with great trust who will bring my need to the Lord, her Son. I am weak, sick, subject to sin and temptation, but I am of great value to Our Lady. I am her child. She will run to the Lord and intercede for me -- heal my child, she is sick and I need her to be well.

Ah, the comfort of Mary, my Mother. She is the Mother of God, and by Divine command, she is my Mother, too. Her name is indeed holy, and I am her humble servant.

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