Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting used to the pace

The Vestergirls -- river cruise; St. Louis, MO

I took a year off from active employment to complete my MA Theology. That year was nice, hardly relaxing, but necessary to regroup and assess what was to come next. I truly didn't think that I would go from volunteering as RCIA coordinator at my parish to Student Life Coordinator at Catholic Distance University, and be revising courses to be taught possibly by next September. Wow!

I also never imagined that in that time I would recognize a need to be closer to my little ones. While I was studying for my MA, I was suffering from an elusive condition that was causing chronic migraines. I was just barely making it through life, let alone courses, work and raising a family. Yet, it all worked out. But, there nagged at me the sense that while I tried to manage the migraines and the multiple responsibilities, I lost precious time with the girls.

The oldest is so resilient, and I love to be involved with her many varied activities. She'll stay at her current school. But, her three younger sisters, they need a little more one on one with mom. It will be an adventure, no doubt. And while I have momentary doubts about educating three of them at once, I am so sure we are in the Father's will with this choice. It's the right thing.

It will be fun to juggle the job, the teaching and the activities again. [Pray the migraines do not recur! -- they've been relatively mild for the past couple of years] My hope is that what is necessary will be taught and learned; what I'm responsible for in my job, God will provide the time to achieve; and what is the most important job of all -- my vocation as wife and mother -- will only grow stronger through His constant gift of grace and the intercession of His Blessed Mother.

For I know well the plans I have in mind for you—oracle of the LORD—plans for your welfare and not for woe, so as to give you a future of hope. (Jer 29:11)

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