Sunday, August 7, 2011

A day at the beach: an act of faith

Amazing waves at Assateague Island National Seashore/ 2011

Faith, it's an amazing thing. You simply trust that what God tells you is true, and then let His will be done in your life because you believe He loves you. And, you love Him back with all your heart. It's really easy!

Yeah, right!

We all get mired down by problems and anxieties now and again. That's natural. Stresses that occur can cause all sorts of disruption. That is when we need faith most. I heard this morning in the homily our priest say something very simple, yet very wise. I paraphrase: 
98% of what we worry about never comes to pass. We struggle, working ourselves up over what will be, making up all sorts of imaginary outcomes to have nothing of the sort happen. It often ends up much better than we expected. Now, imagine how much more peaceful life would be if we didn't worry?

Well, that's exactly the plan we had yesterday. No worries -- who cares how long it takes to get to the beach, we really just need to get away and enjoy a day in the sunshine together. It was a 7+ hour round trip car drive, only a two days before we are heading on a big vacation adventure. But, obviously it was the right thing to do, because we trusted that this was the best plan. We had faith that God wanted us to spend the day together just having some fun family time, making memories.  It was great!

Ponies on parade -- EVERYWHERE!
Kathy -- who always seems to be behind the camera and rarely in front of it!

Eddie (lounging in his beach wheelchair courtesy of the Park Rangers) and Lyle (who spent about 1 1/2 hrs boogie boarding and body surfing with the girls -- Wahahaha, WIPE OUT!)
The Crew -- Ready to hit those waves and catch a ride into shore!

We are taking a little more time to prep for the bigger trip. And, I do notice that the tension is slightly higher than taking the impromptu day trip. But, all in all, if we can get out of here with: a clean house; laundry done; bags packed; lunches made; snacks, movies, books and games together; and everyone smiling, this is going to be the best trip ever!

Just have faith, and then do your part; that's the order of simplicity. Peter lost faith when the Lord commanded him to walk out to him on the sea. He took his eyes off of Jesus as the winds whipped up and the sea started to churn. (cf. Mt 14) That'll prove fatal every time. We intende to keep our eyes focused on The Lord. He will make all things work together for good. (cf. Rom 8:28) And, we'll have it all together by tomorrow!

Hope to have lots of pictures and stories to share about our trip along the way. Until then, love the Lord, wrap yourself in the Blessed Mother's mantel and pray for us -- we'll be praying for you!


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