Sunday, July 10, 2011

With much love, Mom

Dear Family,

Pancakes and bacon.

It's Sunday morning, and that's what everyone will expect to see on the table.

But, Eddie slept about 2.5 hrs. last night after returning from our overnight junket to Pennsylvania to celebrate Laura's graduation. And the week ahead is jam packed before we make our next overnight to New York on Friday.

I'm toast...which is about all I am really up for making this lovely Sunday morning.

So, dear family -- this note is for you if you happen to read it.

I will make you pancakes and bacon -- because I love you. And out of deepest love & affection, respect and concern for the psychological and physical well being of your mother, after we attend Mass this morning, you might try to:

Offer a little prayer for me
Let me nap
Use your indoor voices
Find your own methods of transportation to friends, pool and library
Clean up around the house
Keep your Grandmother entertained and happy
Prepare your lunches for tomorrows camps and activities


Make your mother dinner

These things are not difficult. But, they will make me extraordinarily proud and pleased.

Generosity is virtue that flows from love -- it comes without having to ask.

So, I am not asking, not telling, just suggesting some simple ways in which this day might go more smoothly for all of us. But, most especially for you, dear family, because mom is on the tired side of cranky and may harbor a growl or two for anyone who looks at me sideways.

With Much Love,


**Anyone who needs to borrow this note and adapt it to their own circumstances is free to do so... :) 


No Milk -- No Pancake mix -- So, I improvised and made my own pancake batter from scratch and used powdered milk, which I happened to have in the cabinet. They came out quite yummy...No picture, unfortunately -- they were devoured before I could even find my camera!


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