Thursday, July 28, 2011

Top 10 reasons technology is NOT my friend

10. It causes me to scream at inanimate objects!

9. Contrary to popular opinion, it does not make life easier!!

8. It is made for people who understand it before they even see it!

7. An apple is an apple, not a computer!

6. Countless hours are wasted trying to figure out how to upload, download, paste, print, copy, move, share, email and whatever the heck else you can do with digital information!!!

5. Microsoft windows, is neither "micro", nor "soft" and I wish to throw it out a window!

4. If your fox is on fire, put it out -- don't make me browse it!

3. Tweets, blogs, online accounts, friends, posts, status updates -- OH MY!

2. My fingers are nicknamed "Schwarzenegger" being the most highly developed muscles on my body from all the keyboarding I do!

Wait for it...wait for it.

The #1 reason Technology is not my friend:

1. I deleted a month's worth of items from a conference room at my new job without even really trying. Was I supposed to do that? Say -- NO!

Share your techno nightmares with me. Misery loves company, and I feel so much better knowing that technology is not only my nemesis.


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