Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Science, science and more science curricula -- Help Requested

I have done nothing but search for a decent 6th grade Catholic science curricula for weeks now. Either they are way too expensive and more content than I would ever want, or they are little pamphlets or suggested experiments. Is there no happy medium that won't break the bank but offers a comprehensive overview of appropriate materials for a 6th grader?

Do I have to create my own?

Please answer NO to that question because I am just not in the mood to do that at the moment.

Suggestions would be welcomed. Anyone have any thoughts on how I can keep my 6th grader up to speed in Science without needing to take out a student loan to do it?


Rebecca said...

Answers in Genesis and Apologia both have GREAT science curriculums perfect for all ages. Check both out....I can help you with questions for both...we use them (both of them)....and love science time!

Kathy said...

Rebecca -- thanks so much. I looked at Apologia. It didn't seem comprehensive, but rather set up in individual units that I would have to piece together -- $$. I was trying to avoid that and find one program for the year that didn't have as many $$ attached. However, they seem to be very expensive (Harcourt, Abeka, etc.) but, I would have less planning to do on my own (that's the goal) However, I'm unimpressed with the materials.

Tell me more about Apologia. Perhaps I just don't have a working knowledge of the program and am judging too quickly.