Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Harry Potter Hangover

Someone get me a drink! I'm about sick to death of hearing about Harry Potter!

Rowling is the root of all evil and her characters are demonic, satanic, name it, they're it, and it isn't good.

Hit me again, please.

Here comes something really shocking. According to Michael O'Brien, author of a Harry Potter is the anti-Christ book:
“In the novels,” says O’Brien, “Harry is called ‘the Chosen One.’ He chooses to rise from the dead. He defeats evil with the instruments and gnostic powers of sorcery, wielding the ultimate instrument with which he saves the world because he has become ‘Master over Death.’ At the climax of the seven-volume Potter epic, having saved the world from evil, the resurrected Harry is treated with reverent awe, various characters pressing forward to touch him, ‘their leader and symbol, their saviour and their guide.’”
 Michael, ever hear of allegory?

This sounds like good triumphing over evil, possibly even a supreme good resurrecting and saving those who follow.  STOP! Go no further! This evil sounds oddly Christ-like and we would never want anyone (Tolkien, CS Lewis) to create characters that resemble the spiritual. Although the characters in Harry Potter never actually seem transcendent, they do have qualities that are vividly GOOD.

NO! Never! It couldn't be possible -- evil, I say!

Set me up another one, and make it neat!

I can't tell you how many times I have heard, "these books lead children astray" or "did you know the incantations are real?" I was of that camp once...before I read the books. Funny how your opinion changes when you actually have first hand knowledge! Tolkien had wizards, sorcery, creatures born of the mud and muck. Rowling has Harry with a wand, broom and some silly spells. Both authors have created fantasy stories that pit good against evil.

That said, I'd much rather read Tolkien. I think Rowling's writing leaves something to be desired. But, I have to admit, the kids have embraced the character, and so have many adults. Seven movies later and Harry is probably the most popular character from a novel portrayed on screen -- ever -- I mean ever! A multi-million dollar industry has risen up around him -- and none of my friend's children, at least to my knowledge, have stopped attending Mass or joined a cult.

One more on the rocks!

So, criticize, if you must, the review written in the Vatican newspaper praising Harry Potter. But, I would ask you first to take a deep breath, and recall that allegory is a quite useful literary tool. Perhaps there is something more to Harry than meets the eye. Stop following the fury of negative worry warts and read the books for yourself. You may just enjoy Hogwarts more than your realize.

Maybe everyone loves this last film because it's finally over? One can hope!

As for me, my head is pounding -- I've had too much -- of Harry Potter.


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