Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Corapi -- A Canonical Defense

Yesterday, I wrote a piece suggesting that Jimmy Akin from NCR may have overstepped his bounds in criticizing the priest formerly known as "Fr." John Corapi, now just "John".

This is an interesting read from a canonical perspective from a brother priest in defense of Fr. Corapi. It was posted at Bishop Gracida's Blog, Abyssus Abbysum Inovcat and was written by Fr. Mike in the comments section of The Black SheepDog's blog.


Fr. Mike makes some interesting points about justice and authority in his comments. With his comments in mind, it is critical for people not to speculate as to what is motivating Corapi's decisions (I've read nonsense that spans from "lost his mind" to "he's Satanic"). It is fair to believe that he is making decisions based on sound advice and acting in accord with the Church as well as in his own best interests. He has overcome much adversity in his past, and he is not likely to suddenly abandon all that he knows to be good, true and beautiful. But, don't discount the fact that a man who has faced adversity, placed his trust in God and persevered, will not stand for blatant injustice. He has become the voice of the accused.

I am going to follow the lead of St. Padre Pio -- pray, hope and don't worry. Of course, that advice doesn't mean sit back and do nothing; it means to do the will of the Father with joy, even if the path seems uncertain.

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