Wednesday, June 1, 2011

8 Years Ago Today

Can you guess the artist?
It's been 8 yrs and 8 1/2 months since the last time I was pregnant. When you've been pregnant 10 times, that's hard to imagine. For a while, I was always expecting, and today we have 6 beautiful kids.

And that becomes your reality -- being a wife and mother.

For the first couple of years, while Lainie was a baby, I thought perhaps there might be another in our future. But, that hasn't been the case. And God's plan is perfect, so who am I to question.

Yep, an entire roll of TP went into Mummy Lainie
Funny thing is that, even to this very day, the kids keep asking when their next brother or sister is coming. Which kind of makes me smile. They are so open to life and a large family. They have the witness of it in our extended family, as well. My mom is the grandmother to 18 grandchildren -- I am the youngest of my parent's four children. We each had three or more children of our own. On my husband's side, his brother has 4 children, and sadly one that was stillborn. So between Lyle and his only brother, there are 10 living children.

But, the baby -- Lainie will also be that to me -- is just something magnificent. She is big and bold; sweet and reverent; brazen and fresh; smart and fearless. Lainie is the beautiful combination of all these characteristics and more.

Grrrr! Ribbit!! Lunch?
The most prominent of all is her sense of humor! The child is just FUNNY! She has a perfect sense of timing and that ability to make you hysterical with just a look. And, she has the brains to use it at just the right time, too. When mom is just about to blow steam out her ears, Lainie kicks into full gear and cracks me up! That is such a gift and an irritant at the same time. I never do seem to get the discipline fully enacted!

God bless you my amazing little wonder! You often make me smile so hard my face hurts! May you have the happiest birthday ever!


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