Sunday, May 29, 2011

To Write or Not To Write -- What's In a Blog

A Facebook friend, who is a very talented writer, questioned whether she should start a blog. After all, what fresh ideas or perspectives did she have? What hook could she come up with that the millions of other bloggers hadn't already exhausted?

My answer is this: Who cares? That is the answer that I received from my Feminine Geniuses colleagues/friends. Believe me, they hammered it home. Not only did they insist I start a blog, but several of them met with me to build my confidence and set the darn thing up.

After I got going, putting my thoughts to cyberpaper, as the dean of students from CDU calls it, I couldn't stop. There were words, thoughts, ideas in my head that I had been writing on the pages of my mind for years. Now, they had a place to become visible.

Do I care if anyone reads what I write? Well, a little ( a lot at the beginning, but I got over that quickly). It's nice to know that what you are writing is being read. In the end game, however, I discovered that the mission I had for this blog was to serve God, and in the process become a better writer. This place serves as much as an evangelization tool as an exercise tablet. It has been the jumping off point for several other writing projects, for teaching opportunities and speaking engagements. Faith on the High Wire is a dream fulfilled, thanks be to God.

So, should my friend blog? -- ABSOLUTELY!

And will she have something important to say? -- COUNT ON IT!

When she launches her blog, you will see it prominently featured here!

For the greater glory of God we go forth to spread the kingdom. Some will not hear us; some will hear only us. The key is we have to be out here to be heard!

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