Monday, May 23, 2011

Mom, Look at the Clouds

Precious few things go unnoticed by my daughters. They are observers of faith and life. They are inquisitors, engaging the brain on any matter conceivable, and receiving answers, within the best of my ability and in age-appropriate language. They are explorers -- typically of places I would rather they never go. Nothing frightens them -- maybe thunder and wind -- but, that's about it. And, when you set my girls' spirits free to create, the imagination soars to heights beyond belief, raising a joy and a sense of awe that often intrigues me.

The shimmering thread the weaves through the treasured tapestry that is my girls, is an innocent sense of wonder. Everything is novel; everything can be interesting if looked at from the right perspective.

And so it was with the clouds on a particularly beautiful afternoon while we ran errands.

"Will you look at those clouds!" I exclaimed, as we drove down the road. "That one looks like Godzilla!"

"Oh yeah! And, there's a manta ray with it's tail behind it and the two little nose holes on the top of its head!"

There were creations everywhere for the eye to behold -- pieces of heavenly art. We all enjoyed scanning the sky to find new shapes and images.

The afternoon continued with a tone that was upbeat and fun as a result. Finally, the last of our activities found us at our parish school for an evening band concert. As we were leaving the event, the sun was sinking in the west, illuminating the horizon in a wash of pink, orange and violet splashes.

My daughter looked up and said to me, "Mom, look at the clouds!"

Eagerly, I looked up to the majestic sight of clouds dressed in twilight colors and said, "What do you see?"

She said, "God."

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