Thursday, April 28, 2011

Praying for a Friend

There are people who are in our lives for a reason. You know -- those people that bring a special quality to your world that without it, things just wouldn't be the same. Well, one of my "friends for a reason" is having a mastectomy and reconstruction surgery today. She has breast cancer with some lymph involvement.

Cancer doesn't care who it attacks; its and equal opportunity illness. But, it's hard to see a friend who is always laughing, even under some really tough conditions be brought to tears over this. She's funny, yes. But, mostly she's strong -- although she might blush at the compliment.

I know it will be tough going for her over the next few months as she heals from the surgery and adjusts to the "newness" of her body. So, I ask you today to say a prayer for my friend. A prayer for total physical and emotional healing; a prayer for her to regain the laughter and make this a memory that will soon fade into the happiness of her future.

Bless you all and thank you in advance.

St. Agatha, pray for us!

For I will restore you to health; of your wounds I will heal you, says the LORD. (Jer 30:17)

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