Saturday, April 2, 2011

Daily Grind #5 -- Laetare Sunday

I was reading the comments on The Anchoress regarding Fr. Corapi's dubious situation. I must say that I am just getting knots in my stomach over the way our poor priests are being regarded. I understand that many bad men were ordained and hopefully, we have a better system in place to vet the candidates for the seminary in place now. Seriously, we can't keep treating every accusation as if the man with the collar is evil incarnate. The Church must muddle through this new time of persecution, and she will prevail as promised. But, outside of hurting interiorly for the priests who currently find themselves possessed of the title "on administrative leave" as a result of an accusation, I really don't want to talk about Fr. Corapi's or any other similar issue.

What I'd like to talk about is the comment I read, and I paraphrase -- the Catholic blogosphere that has anemic readership, it said, or something very similar. Anemic readership. I read Catholic blogs all the time; I write a Catholic blog. People read my Catholic blog. Some blogs take off like wildfire, others like mine are works in progress, stepping stones to other opportunities, or really and truly, a means of apostolate. I don't advertise for readership. I don't think I'm going to make a living in this field. I just want to be another candle glowing in the vast darkness of the Internet that shines for Christ and His Holy Catholic Church.

I wonder why someone would think the readership of Catholic blogs is anemic? Are they studying the feedjit numbers -- reading the blog stats? They made that comment while reading a Catholic blog. What does it say about them -- are they lumping themselves among the anemic readership -- apparently so.

But, maybe the person had a point. What is it about Catholic blogs that brings a person back? Is it for catechesis, recipes, lives of saints, personal witness and conversion? What? I think that what moves a person through the Catholic blogosphere is the Holy Spirit -- not boredom or curiosity.

There is much to learn out here in the Catholic blog world. There are a host of very credible and interesting blogs that take an issue and examine it from all angles always remaining faithful to the truths of the Church. That is a wonder, and a gift. If the readership is anemic -- it's because we are not praying for our readers. The bloggers don't need the shot of iron to get their readership up, the prayers need to go out that the Holy Spirit will move those people who read blogs to come and see.

It's Laetare Sunday -- time to be joyful and hopeful that the Holy Spirit will increase the readership and bring souls to Christ! I'll end it with that.

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