Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DOMA -- Was the Gay Community Used as Pawns?

Since the Feb 23rd announcement by President Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, that the Justice Department of the United States will ignore the federal law that mandates marriage as a union between one man and one woman (CCC, 1601), fear and anxiety over the future of religious freedom in the US has been palpable. There is concern that the dissent of religions such as Catholicism, Judaism and Islam may result in some form of government retaliation against their acting in accord with their beliefs – perhaps removing their 501c3 status as tax exempt charitable organizations.

However, there is a concern that lies just a bit deeper under the surface of this issue. It is clear, based on the Obama Administration’s foreign policy decisions, that offending the Muslim world is not his style. Why then would he decide to blatantly undermine his appeasement strategy? Something isn’t right.

Population statistics and voter demographics from the past decade indicate that only .10% of the population is designated as gay and lesbian. That number is seemingly insignificant, yet the Gay and Lesbian Task Force is an extremely formidable lobby. They have important influence in Washington, D.C., as well as a strong and well organized influence on local politics.

But, is an imposing presence enough to make the Obama administration throw caution to the wind? And, is it truly for the sake of those who struggle for equality under the law -- specifically marriage status for same-sex unions -- that the Obama administration suddenly decided to ignore federal law?

No. The current administration wishes simply to deflect attention from its own failings. Their foreign policy is a shambles; the Middle East is imploding and they have little to no strategy beyond tolerance and appeasement. In the midst of the Egyptian uprisings, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) recognized what has been clear to some, but not to all, in the US – Obama has no plan. TheMB tested the 'no plan theory', pushed it to its limits, and their hypothesis is obviously accurate with the US position continuing to be undecipherable. We are retreating from Iraq and Afghanistan and allowing the Middle East – a nuclear-capable Middle East – to play itself out at the expensive of our allies in the region.

That being the case, I wonder if gays and lesbians care how they get their ‘right’ to marriage. The 'how' is probably inconsequential just as long as they get it. What will it mean if their 'right' is short lived, if our ignoring the situation in the world means the collapse of our sovereign nation? – a nation free at the moment to extend that 'right'.

The gay community should enjoy the dignity given to all human persons – regardless of the personal sin in which they engage, and to which I wholeheartedly dissent. They still deserve the respect that any human person is afforded. You are not puppets to be manipulated on the political stage. Yet it seems you have inadvertently allowed yourselves to be used by the Administration as a screen to cover the fact that their foreign policy is nonexistent. Instead, why not push the hot topic button on gay marriage and watch the silly little populous squirm while deflecting attention from matters bigger than their own miniscule world? The  problem is that the Middle East will not lose interest in us. We are just playing right into the hands of would be oppressors; regimes who would love nothing better than to remove any 'right' the gay and lesbian community now boldly claim.

Don’t you feel used?

Don’t you feel like pawns?

Isn't this 'victory' shallow in light of how it was achieved?

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