Sunday, March 27, 2011

Daily Grind #4

This is my Sunday post during Lent. It's been a week of wonder and challenges. I'll list them below:

  • The basement flooded due to a leak and then a complete break of the kitchen faucet line. It ruined the kitchen floor and only flooded the un-carpeted area of the storage room in the basement. After all the remediation, my husbands awesome ability to install things like kitchen faucets and disposals, and a call to our awesome flooring guy, we should be back up and running like normal by next week.
  • I am still struggling with upper respiratory issues. I'm now on a higher dose prednisone step down for the next two weeks. Ugh! Prednisone makes me cranky, hungry and disturbs my already unstable sleep pattern. Watch out world -- here comes Kranky Kathy! Some of you out there have already met me!!! Sorry about that. Please pray that I can control the very difficult temptation to EAT CONSTANTLY and rip everyone's head off! This is definitely a penance I wasn't expecting during Lent, but one that is before me and must be met!
  • I was given the awesome privilege of being Peggy & Rob's son Jack's Confirmation sponsor. It was exciting. And, Jack even raised his hand really high when the bishop asked for one of the confirmandi to volunteer their sponsor to answer a question! Guess what? Jack was picked, so the bishop came to find me among the sponsors to ask me a question. I wish you all could have seen my pastor and assoc. pastor hysterical on the altar! Quite a moment...but as Jack later noted, "I knew you'd enjoy that!" And, by George, he was right! What a hoot!
  • Today, two of my RCIA students received the first scrutiny before their baptism at the Easter Vigil. What a joyful moment to see them stand before the altar with their sponsors to be blessed and receive the Creed of our Faith and recite it in unison with the congregation. Such a special and grace-filled moment.

That's the daily grind for this week. I hope you are having a fruitful and a blessed Lent. Next week marks the halfway point (Laetare Sunday) in our Lenten penitential journey toward Easter. See you again then!

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