Monday, February 14, 2011

Work Spouse and Valentine Gifts

I suppose this proves I'm behind the times, or just don't think like the rest of the world, but this morning I was shocked when I heard the Fox News commentator use the the term "work spouse" in a feature story about Valentine's Day gift giving.

"What on earth is a work spouse?" I thought.

Well, here's a definition:
A man or woman in the workplace with whom one shares a special relationship having bonds similar to those of a marriage: special confidences, loyalties, shared jokes and experiences, and unusual degree of honesty or openness.
Bonds similar to marriage? Really? What this sounds like to me is friendship, not marriage. While many people do marry their best friend because such a depth of compatibility draws them together, marriage is so much more than having bonds. There is a relationship much deeper than superficial bonds; there is intimacy that I, in no way, shape or form share with a co-worker.

I have several special friendships with people from many different facets of my busy life, none of whom substitute for my husband. I think the term is ridiculous. I also consider it offensive to marriage and to the the sacramental vows the majority of couples enter when they marry.

In answer to the Fox News Team's question about what one work spouse should get for another on Valentines Day, the answer is: NOTHING!

Buy your spouse of Valentine gift if you choose to celebrate the secular holiday...otherwise, save your cash for therapy if you think its appropriate to have a work spouse!


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