Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stink Bugs -- the Demon Bug

Stink bugs, although one of God's creatures, are even more irritating and potentially just as dangerous as the mosquito (an insect that I am not all that fond of). The mosquito has the ability to transfer diseases, but the stink bug, like the locust, can wipe out farm crops, which can be disastrous to the economy. It's not just smelly, annoying and really quite scary looking, it's a plague of epic proportion.

So what's to be done about it? Well, there are several helpful websites that you can visit to get one up on the stink bug before the spring weather brings them out again in force. A friend of mine, Heidi Spinelli,  in PA put together a really thorough article, simply entitled Stink Bugs, for her homeowners association. It provides oodles of information about the bug, and ideas on how to prevent your home from being invaded to total annihilation of the nasty creature altogether.

Several of the demon bugs have popped up weekly in our home over the winter. I am really not in the mood for dealing with an onslaught again this spring. Hopefully, with some of the useful tips that Heidi has compiled, there will be fewer of them in my home and on my home in the coming weeks.

Until then, I pray:

Lord please protect us from the ravages of the stink bug;
From its frightening form and foul smell.
Keep us free of its destruction of vegetation,
that will plague farmers in the coming months.
Protect us from its painful bite,
and allow us to safely and effectively eradicate this plague.

I'm not kidding about this folks...those pests are capable of more than just scaring the heck out of me when they swarm. They are a menace!


Anonymous said...

Kathy, Matt discovered that praying mantises will eat stink bugs. So, we went to and purchased our praying mantis kit - we're planning on growing our own mantises and setting them loose around the yard... let you know if it works!


Kathy said...


I will be very interested to know if it works. It sounds both fun and useful. I bet the kids are all over it!

Allison said...

Our littlest comes completely UNGLUED when we have a stink bug siting. Last night, there was one on my toothbrush, which she'd somehow missed seeing during a hand wash. Well, we put it in the bowl to flush, and it swam. I normally won't waste water just to flush vermin, but down he went on his own. They are creepy. When I was a kid, we were excited to find one and "stink" somebody. But they are too plentiful now to hold any appeal. Thanks for the link. (And I did get a new toothbrush!)

How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs said...

Using praying mantises to get rid of stink that's thinking outside the box! I love the idea of creating a defensive insect army to go head to head against the stink bug invaders.

jason said...

I agree with the post, stink bugs can really wipe out your crops, when they infested on it. I also they hate on them when at night they flew in our lamps and leaves nasty scent.