Monday, January 31, 2011

What a Testimonial for Life on American Idol

If this doesn't speak volumes about love and commitment, I don't know what does. I'd like Chris Medina to win just for being a courageous and a true love. He's a very special guy with a very special girl! And way to go Steven Tyler! This is an example of what faith on the high wire means, for sure!


The Parrino World said...


Darby @ Beyond Pearls said...

I saw this last week. Beautiful. The week before there was a single mother from New Orleans who was told to abort her baby and she refused. Another guy from Tennessee last week is from a family who has fostered hundreds of children over the years. It's so good to see these people ... everyday living life amidst challenges and dreaming the dreams! Praise God!

Kathy said...

It just seems so counter to what you would expect on AI. Last year they did the lovely piece on Maddy Curtis and her family. Maddy is gifted, for sure, and her family is an awesome reflection of the dignity and sanctity of life...These stories are counter-cultural. Or, are they? I wonder just what the producers of AI know about the audience their targeting...hmmmm. They [the producers] are the ones who know the trends and respond, right? Something encouraging to think about, wouldn't you say?