Sunday, January 23, 2011

Marching For the Rest of Us

My girls are heading down with friends on the bus from our parish to March for Life. I began this blog a year ago with a piece about my two oldest daughters going to the March. It was an amazing experience to for my girls. I will not be physically going with them tomorrow, but I will be there with them spiritually in prayer.

3000 babies die every day as a result of a court decision based on an idea that emanates from the penumbra of the 14th Amendment in the Bill of Rights. What does that mean? It means that if the court thinks a meaning might have been intended in the amendment, they can interpret it that way. To me, it means that they are free to interpret the meaning however they decide. It's this dangerous precedent that has created an avalanche of rejection of  objective truth and a massive decline in moral attitudes in this country.

We lose babies to the culture of death everyday, and now because of this "right to privacy" that was discovered in the 14th Amendment, we are engaging in a battle for the redefinition of marriage, the tolerance and acceptance of what once was considered illegal sexual behaviors, and the freezing of embryos by people who wish to delay pregnancy or surrogate their way into getting a child. The moral degradation is deplorable, yet it encroaches on our sense of decency and undermines our ability to raise moral children every single day.

These are some of the reasons why members of my family will March for Life tomorrow. They know that babies are babies from the moment they are conceived in the womb; babies from the moment the soul is infused by God. Please pray with me that those little voices will finally have an impact on the culture, that the media will actually cover the event and treat it with the respect it deserves. And maybe once and for all we as a nation will discover the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death.

God Bless Those Who Will March and Those, Who Can't March, Who Will Pray!

 Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for Us!

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