Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mary's Open Heart at Passionate Perseverance

I think Mary describes life pretty succinctly in what she calls random thoughts. I can follow her through the day, however. I can watch her stroke Courtney's hair and sooth her during the seizures. I can see both the acceptance and the strength that comes from the grace of having Courtney anointed. I can see the relief and the release that comes from time with good friends. And I can almost smell the meal that was joyfully prepared by and for the family.

In random thoughts, she paints me a picture of the movement of God in her life. And she shows me how she lives the plan of the Beatitudes better than she can ever realize. That, because of her humility, can only be said by a witness to her life.

Please read: Snowmen and Randomness at Passionate Perseverance

It touched me deeply.

God bless you, Mary -- you speak my heart.

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