Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Joy of New Snow

Vestergirls, Snow 2011

There is something pure and innocent about new snow in the night sky. I don't suppose many commuters would agree with this statement after they had to endure the snarled roads and public transportation inadequate to the task last night. Nonetheless, for those of us who were home, it was tranquil.

The wonderful thing about new snow is that all sibling troubles, arguments and grudges seem to disappear. They were exchanged for anticipation and excitement. There were only happy faces and joyful noises coming from our backyard as a snow"wo"man was assembled. Laughter rang through the air. Shouts of, "I'll get the carrot for the nose," and "We only have one eye -- she'll be a cyclops," brought a smile to my face and to my heart.

And when I suggested they could help their dad by starting to shovel the driveway, no complaints were heard. They all headed up front to break out their snow shovels from last year and get to work.

But if everyday could seem like a "new snow"; it would be so peaceful around here and all the work would be done -- CHEERFULLY!

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