Monday, January 3, 2011

Climbing Out of the Abyss

I didn't look this good!

So much for a flu shot! The flu has had me in its grip since the day before New Year's Eve. I've been feverish, bed-ridden, and just about as unhappy as one person could be. But, I still managed to interact in some small way with my family and the rest of the world. (Perhaps neither really wanted my interaction -- sniffly, snuffly me with an attitude.)

Well, there is no better way to enter a new year than to be at an extremely low point in your life. Don't you agree? -- No place to go but up!

I'm trying to climb up out of that dark place today -- although I still feel like a congested, achy mess -- because regardless of whether anyone wants me around, there are things that must be done and a husband that went back to work this morning. I guess that leaves it up to me.

Speaking of the husband -- what a man! I crash and burn last Thursday, and he doesn't miss a beat. He even drove my mom back up to PA a day early so that she wouldn't have to stay in the germs too long. That's 6 hrs. round trip -- a trip he had made just a week earlier to go and get her. That' on top of taking care of me, the girls and, of course, our Eddie. Most of you know he's a hero when it comes to taking care of Eddie. Well, he deserves a Congressional medal for the past 4 days. I wouldn't allow that until the new Congress is sworn in, though! LOL

What have I done, if anything, ( because I am not feeling well) about my new plan of life, you ask?

Well, being sick has actually had some advantages in that I haven't really been able to do much outside of being in bed. So, I have been able to read and pray.

Spiritual Reading -- God Alone is Enough, by: Claudia Mair Burney

Leisure Reading -- The Hunger Games, by: Suzanne Collins

Prayers -- Miles Christi prayer book

Scripture -- USCCB daily readings

Exercise will have to wait until the head clears and the body feels back up to snuff again -- maybe next week.

I haven't managed the whole "kind talk" thing very well, yet. It's been more like "cranky, unhappy, sick talk" but I did do much less talking having locked myself away for several days! Always look for the positive!!!

I still have time to make the monthly date happen -- thank God for calendars!

And about getting more sleep -- even sick I am still having trouble sleeping at night! Any advice on that one would be much appreciated. (Keep in mind that melatonin is not a possibility -- it contributed to kidney stones! Trust me -- you can't get any sleep with them, except for what comes with the effects of narcotics!!!) I am hoping that increasing the exercise will have some impact -- please pray. This is almost pivotal to the rest of my plan of life proceeding smoothly.

I am starting to write Chapter 5 in the story of my life for anyone who has been following that tale. Look for it in a few days. And, I hope to get some recipes up under Will They Eat That? very shortly. I miss fiddling in the kitchen and taking pictures of my food. My kids think something's wrong with me if I'm not plating my food and staging it for a picture!! They literally ask me if I'm going to take a picture of our meal before we eat -- YIKES!

Hope to hear from you here. Leave a comment so that I know you are enjoying what you read! I love to know I have company on the blog.

Blessings to all!


Kasclar said...

So sorry you were sick when welcoming in the New Year. But yes, things can only go up from here!! Hope it's a good year for you. Also, I've enjoyed reading the story of your life, looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks also for your comments on my blog regarding my New Year's Resolutions and my "big announcement"!! :) Hope you're feeling better!!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I hope you and your family are back to good health soon! I have trouble sleeping too. Exercise will help, but I also use a supplement called DHEA (Not the same as DHA- fish oil). It has helped with the insominia caused by my adrenal fatigue. It is sold in the vitamin aisle at Target, Walmart, Vitamin Store, etc. I take 100 mgs a day ( 1 50 mg in the AM and 1 50 mg in the PM). Dr. B at Tepeyac is the one that recommended it for me. -Melissa

Kathy said...

Thanks, Melissa! If it is Melatonin-free, it will be on the very short list of "go to" remedies.



Allison said...

No place to go but up! Never heard more a more sage observation. :-)