Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Wishes To My New Teenager!

Thirteen years ago today, I delivered my first baby girl. Funny thing, I thought I couldn't carry little girls. I had several miscarriages and gave birth to only two boys. I was convinced that I was only going to be able to carry boys to term -- so certain that I made it known to my pro-life OB/GYN, Dr. John Bruchalski. John quickly reminded me that I was being superstitious and needed to be open to whatever God's plan was for my family. Humbled, I agreed and let God have control over what would happen next.

And what happened next was a complete surprise:  the ultrasound indicated that the healthy baby I was carrying was a GIRL!!!

Margaret Mary came 4 weeks early (can you say tax deduction? -- my husband could! LOL), the largest of all my babies, weighing in at 7lbs. She was beautiful and full of smiles. And I was taught very clearly that I am not in charge of any of this.

Praise God and Happy 13th Birthday, Margaret!

She's still smiling!

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